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Karakız Lake (Turkish: Karakız Göleti) is an artificial lake in Mersin Province, Turkey.


The lake was built in 1998. It is on Toros Mountains in the rural area of Erdemli district at 36°51′N 34°13′E / 36.85°N 34.217°E / 36.85; 34.217. Its main water source is Karakız River. It is at the east of the village Hacıalanı which actually is a yayla (summer resort). Distance to Erdemli is 49 kilometres (30 mi) and to Mersin is 65 kilometres (40 mi) . The bird’s flight distance to Mediterranean coast is 27 kilometres (17 mi). The longer dimension of the lake which is in north to south direction is about 1,500 metres (4,900 ft). The surface altitude is about 1,530 metres (5,000 ft). The total water capacity is 3240000 m3 (4238000  yd3) [1]


The lake is used for irrigation. It is a also popular picnic and fishing area[2] In the future it may further be used for sports. Mersin union of industrialists proposes to establish a winter sports complex around the lake [3].


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