Lake Çıldır

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Lake Çıldır
seen from space (false color)
Location Ardahan Province
Coordinates 41°02′33″N 43°15′19″E / 41.0425°N 43.2552778°E / 41.0425; 43.2552778Coordinates: 41°02′33″N 43°15′19″E / 41.0425°N 43.2552778°E / 41.0425; 43.2552778
Lake type Freshwater
Basin countries Turkey
Surface area 123.00 km²
Average depth 42 m
Surface elevation 1,900 m

Lake Çıldır (Turkish: Çıldır; Armenian: Հիւսիսեան (Latin transliteration: Hiusisean); Georgian: ჩრდილი (Latin transliteration: Chrdili meaning "Shadow" in Georgian); Russian: Чилдыр) is a large freshwater lake in the Ardahan Province, northeastern part of Turkey. It is located at 41°02′33″N 43°15′19″E / 41.0425°N 43.2552778°E / 41.0425; 43.2552778, close to the borders with Georgia and Armenia. Lake Çıldır is located in the elevation of about 1,900 m and surrounded by mountainous region. It has an area of 123.00 km² and maximum depth of about 42 m. Water from the lake is used to irrigation.



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