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Shadowville Speedway
Studio album by Will Dockery and Henry Conley
Released April 2009
Recorded September 2007 - July 2008
Genre Rock and roll
Length 56:32
Label DYI
Producer Henry Conley and Larry Rose
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Shadowville Speedway is an album by the American rock duo Will Dockery and Henry F. Conley. It was released on April 18 2009.

Track listing

All songs by Will Dockery and Henry Conley unless otherwise noted

Track List

  1. "Wobble" -
  2. Truck Stop Woman -
  3. The Surgeon General -
  4. Twilight Girl -
  5. Sidewalk Spinner -
  6. Shadowville Speedway -
  7. Fade Away Encounter -
  8. Black and Blue Night -
  9. Hasty Pudding -
  10. Last Dream Today - (Will Dockery and Brain Mallard)
  11. Rag Picker Joe -
  12. Ozone Stigmata -
  13. Her Majesty's Secret Madrigal -


Band members

Additional personnel

keyboards on track 12

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Shadowville speedway.

Type of Work: Entry Not Found Registration Number / Date: PAu003501816 / 2008-09-23 Application Title: Shadowville speedway. Title: Shadowville speedway. Description: Compact disc + Print material. Copyright Claimant: Will Dockery, 1958- . Address: P O BOX 7394, Columbus, Georgia, 31908. Date of Creation: 2008 Authorship on Application: Will Dockery, 1958- ; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: collaboration of words and music.

Henry Conley, 1960- ; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: collaboration of words and music. 

Pre-existing Material: Words and music for Last Dream Today. Basis of Claim: All other words and music. Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence.

Names: Dockery, Will, 1958-

Conley, Henry, 1960-  

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