Breaking the Spell

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Breaking The Spell
Directed by Tim Lewis,
Tim Ream,
Sir Chuck A. Rock
Music by Suspect,
Tony Infamous,
John Zorn,
Mystic Journeymen,
Ben Harper,
Jim Page
Editing by Tim Lewis
Release date(s) 1999 (U.S.A.)
Running time 63 min.
Language English

Breaking the Spell is a 1999 anarchist documentary, directed by Tim Lewis, Tim Ream, and Sir Chuck A. Rock.

Using amateur camera footage recorded by protesters at the scene of the 1999 WTO riots, it documents the riot from the perspective of the anarchists, their opinions of fellow protesters, local politicians, and includes footage which aired nationally on 60 Minutes.

The film is currently distributed by CrimethInc. on the CrimethInc. Guerilla Film Series, Volume One DVD.

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