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Brother Number 1

Pol Pot (born Saloth Sar (Khmer: Pol Pot: ប៉ុល ពត; Saloth Sar: សាឡុត ស); May 19, 1925 – April 15, 1998) was a Kampuchean revolutionary and the leader of Democratic Kampuchea.

As the leader of Kampuchea, he brought Year Zero, which took the country on road to be the perfect society. During Year Zero, there was no more money or exploiting classes. All the people worked in the fields so that everyone could eat. Pol Pot decided to reduce exploitative industry in his country by demanding that Western capitalists leave. When they refused to do so, he killed them in retaliation. In 1978, the Vietnamese started an invasion of Kampuchea and Pol Pot fled to the jungles in 1979 in order to wage a People's War against the tyrannical government of the People's Republic of Kampuchea.