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The Young Socialist Alliance was the youth affiliate of the Socialist Workers Party.

The Young Socialist Alliance (YSA) had been the left wing of the Young Socialist League (YSL), which was affiliated with the Independent Socialist League. In late 1957, the left YSL'ers, who had been in contact with members of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), were expelled from the YSL. The expelled youth began publishing a newspaper called Young Socialist, and were affiliated with the SWP.

In April, 1960, the publishers of Young Socialist formed the Young Socialist Alliance. The YSA was affiliated with the SWP.

There was a faction of the YSA that was relatively more critical of the Cuban revolution than others, as well as having other positions. This was the nucleus of the Minority Tendency in the SWP.

The YSA worked on many causes in the 1960s. The YSA was successful in recruiting students during the 1960's. The YSA became involved in the movement against the Vietnam war, working in coalitions like the Student Mobilization Committee.

The YSA began pushing its members to leave school and go work at blue collar jobs starting in 1978.

The YSA decided in 1992 to dissolve, and its members joined the SWP. The SWP formed a new youth group in 1994, Young Socialists.

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