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  • ...cterized by some as anti-capitalist or opposed to capitalism,<ref>Fighting guerrilla graffiti, Eric Pfanner, New York Times, March 15, 2004 http://www.nytimes.c ...ustralian, UK and International editions of each issue. Adbusters's sister organizations include ''Résistance à l'Aggression Publicitaire''<ref>[http://www.antipu
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  • ...arty made two primary arguments: (a) that President Fox, the CCE and other organizations had interfered during the presidential campaign, which is strictly prohibit ...tle -->]</ref> [[Manuel Camacho Solís]] and [[Marcelo Ebrard]]. Also the guerrilla leader of the [[EZLN]], [[Subcomandante Marcos]], openly declared López Ob
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  • ...arian projects, the Dashnaktsutiun is the most politically oriented of the organizations and traditionally has been one of the staunchest supporters of Armenian [[n ...tly military, as it sent some of its well known fedayees to Iran after the guerrilla campaign in the Ottoman Empire ended with the rise of the Young Turks.<ref
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  • ...sambiguation)|cañada]] = glen or valley) was conceived after they found [[guerrilla]] training camps in the [[Lacandon Jungle]] in 1993 (just before the [[Zapa ...] and counter-insurgent, and having no respect for the population or local organizations) many projects fail. Therefore a future challenge for the government (feder
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  • ...ople's war]]", a strategic approach developed by [[Mao Zedong]] during the guerrilla warfare phase of the [[Communist Party of China]]. Their eventual objective .... The name of the unified military organisation is the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army.
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  • NewsWeek]</ref>. Outraged, massive guerrilla resistance movements were founded across South Korea, under the leadership ...blic of Korea is an independent socialist State".</ref> some outside media organizations report that it is a [[Stalinist]] [[dictatorship]].<ref>[http://www.economi
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  • ...ional Revolutionary Party|PRI]]-ruled government and left-wing student and guerrilla groups in the 1960s and 1970s under the presidencies of [[Luis Echeverría] ...t Mexico, drawing heavily from [[Christian Socialist]] and Marxist student organizations. They carried out confrontations with Mexican security forces, several kidn
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  • During the [[Algerian Civil War]], which began in 1992 as [[Islamist]] [[guerrilla]]s attacked the military government which had annulled an [[Front Islamique |title=Aterradora cifra de desaparecidos por paramilitares y guerrilla | |date= |accessdate=2010-12-30}}</ref>
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  • {{Socialism sidebar |expanded=Organizations}} ...istory/etol/document/fi/1953-1963/ic/1955/ic01.htm "To all Members and All Organizations of the International Committee"], ''Education for Socialists Bulletin''.</r
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  • There was a significant Posadist group in [[Cuba]]. Posadist [[guerrilla warfare|guerrillas]] fought alongside [[Fidel Castro|Castro]] and [[Che Gue ...a killed when, it turned out, he was actually in Bolivia fighting with the guerrilla movement there. Conversely, after Guevara was executed by Bolivian authorit
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  • *[[Guerrilla Army of the Poor|EGP]] ...dvisors to instruct the Guatemalan military in [[counterinsurgency]] (anti-guerrilla warfare), to fight MR-13.
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  • ...eb|url= |title=Trotskyist Parties and Organizations of the World | |date=November 27, 2005 |accessdate=2 ...kward countries, also on the basis of left-wing military coups and peasant guerrilla wars. According to this premise, variants between such regimes have a minor
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  • [[Category:Guerrilla organizations]]
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  • ...[Uruguay]]an politician, and [[President of Uruguay]] since 2010. A former guerrilla fighter and a member of the [[Broad Front (Uruguay)|Broad Front]] (left-win ==Guerrilla leader==
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  • ==Communist and guerrilla activities== He also formed various mass organizations and led the anti-Japanese struggle.
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  • ...otels and nightspots;<ref>[ Organizations Demand Cuban Militant's Arrest]. (2005-04-21). Retrieved on 201 ...Venezuela: Luis Posada Carriles</ref> The role involved countering various guerrilla movements supported by Cuba, but by 1974 he was dismissed after internal di
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  • .... It was formed on March 29, 1969. The [[Maoist]] NPA conducts its armed [[guerrilla]] struggle based on the strategical line of '[[protracted people's war]]'. National democratic organizations such as the Kabataang Makabayan and other progressive groups began to see t
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  • ''A Day-to-Day Chronicle of Afghanistan's Guerrilla and Civil War, June 2003 - Present'']</ref><ref>[ [[Category:International organizations]]
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  • ...ons with the terrorist organization [[Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations|CORU]]'s leadership, including [[Luis Posada Carriles]] and [[Orlando Bosch ...Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional|DINA]] and with the other intelligence organizations forming the nucleus of Condor. CIA documents show that the agency had close
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  • ...der to finally seize power.<ref>Dudley, Steven. Walking Ghosts: Murder and Guerrilla Politics in Colombia. 256 pages. Routledge, January, 2004. ISBN 0-415-93303 question the FARC's preeminent role in the new party as a result of the guerrilla's own negotiations with the government, but it quickly decided to admit it
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