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  • | causes = [[Unemployment]], economic conditions, [[welfare]] cuts, [[political corruption]], [[particracy]], [[Bipartidism|unrepresentative bipartidism]], ...l disobedience]], [[civil resistance]], [[rioting]], [[sit-ins]], [[online activism]], [[protest camp]]s [[Occupation (protest)|occupation]]s
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  • ...he foundation instead situates the battle of the mind at the center of its political agenda. Fighting to counter pro-consumerist advertising is done not as a me ...goal: <blockquote>"What we're trying to do is pioneer a new form of social activism using all the power of the mass media to sell ideas, rather than products.
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  • == Failed art career and political activism == ...leted 'Mein Kampf', considered by many observists and Historians to be his political Magnus Opus.
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  • ...ept of the event, Badiou maintains, politics is not about politicians, but activism based on the present situation and the {{Sic|evental}} (his translators' ne ...ween politics and philosophy, thus finds his political approach – one of activism, militancy, and scepticism of parliamentary-democratic process – backed u
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  • ..., 1970) was a 20th-century [[United States|American]] [[journalist]] and [[Activism|activist]], best known for her reporting on and support for [[Communism|com ...ther, then pastor of [[Queen Anne Congregational Church]]. She favored the political climate there, which was pro-[[labour (economics)|labor]] and [[progressivi
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  • ...url=|title=About Us}}</ref> that promotes activism on issues such as [[climate change]], [[human rights]], [[animal rights]], ...lunteered for [[]], where he learned how to use online tools for activism.<ref name=times>{{cite web|url=
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  • ...Degrees]], a [[non-profit|not-for-profit]] [[political activism|political-activism]] organisation reported raising £50,000 with £30,000 budgeted to support ...or and 40% against. The Balcombe protests occurred against a background of political and public relations blunders such as this remark by the government energy
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  • ...this, his performances began to be characterized by an increasing level of political [[satire]], often expressed in such a direct way that he quickly offended a ...d at the [[totalitarianism]] of the PRC, but even more to the widespread [[Political corruption|corruption]] for which the Italian Socialist Party was known. As
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  • ...aimed at surveiling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic [[political organizations]]. ...nal security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order."<ref>[
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  • ...l University of Venezuela]]. However, the intensification of his political activism would prevent Pérez from ever completing his law degree. ==Political life==
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  • In 20th century, [[political science]], "hegemony" may denote either hegemony in these older senses or c ...d then have the necessary political power and popular support to begin the political [[maneuver warfare|manoeuvre warfare]] of [[revolutionary socialism]].
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  • ended in June 2007. Graeber has been involved in social and political activism, including the protests against the [[World Economic Forum]] in New York Ci ...tion of the past and future of direct action, participatory democracy, and political transformation", and another for Melville House combining three essays on b
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  • ...academic discipline. His work has contributed greatly to broad social and political debate; most recently he has been credited with restoring [[social class]] ...aphy]]. Injustice, racism, and exploitation were visible in Baltimore, and activism around these issues was tangible in early 1970s East Coast, perhaps more so
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  • |office2 = [[Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference|Chairman of the Chinese National PCC]] ...ommunist Party of China]] in 1923. Upon his return to China he worked as a political commissar in rural regions and was considered a "revolutionary veteran" of
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  • ...out building a human basis that can support this, the continuation of such political work no longer seems useful.<ref>Dieter Duhm, ''Fear in Capitalism: A secon ...of a professorship, Duhm decided to leave academic life and his political activism in 1975, explaining his reasons in ''The Human Being is Different: Reflecti
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  • {{Infobox political party ...ttp:// | title=Communist Party of Egypt resumes open political activities | publisher=Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal | a
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  • ...and speeches. She played a pivotal role in the development of [[anarchist political philosophy]] in [[North America]] and [[Europe]] in the first half of the t [[autodidact|on her own]], however, and soon began to study the political turmoil around her, particularly the [[Nihilist movement|Nihilists]] respon
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  • ...chieve recognition as a nation with a legal minority status. Of all Jewish political parties of the time, the Bund was the most progressive regarding [[woman qu ...Portnoy]].<ref>{{cite book|last=Vital|first=David|title=A people apart: a political history of the Jews in Europe, 1789-1939|publisher=Oxford University Press|
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  • Grace became an enthusiastic public promoter of socialism. A police spy at a political forum in Harlem in June 1921 reported that "[she] devoted about twenty minu ...McDuffie says that Grace's Apartment in Harlem was "a busy hub of radical political activity" in the 1920s and 1930s. It was the African Blood Brotherhood Supr
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  • ...ical non-questioning of the existing, for reasons ranging from [[political activism]] to [[marketing]]. In terms of marketing, journalist [[Warren Berger]] exp
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