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See also basic process by Fred Bauder

A basic process is a pattern which is one of the elemental building blocks of reality such as evolution, development, learning and cultural change.[1] Natural and industrial processes utilize basic processes such as sorting, amplification, and flow as do social and cultural processes.[2]

"When [Srinija Srinivasan] joined [Yahoo], her business card read Ontological Yahoo, a term reflecting her philosophical approach to the job. “This is not a perfunctory file-keeping exercise. This is defining the nature of being,” she said. “Categories and classifications are the basis for each of our worldviews.”[3]

Fundamental units of measurement such as time, distance, velocity, mass, and weight can be considered basic processes. Rigorous analysis might insist that one should include only fundamental units as opposed to derivitive units (which can be defined in terms of fundamental units.)

But reality is more than physics. For example one might speak of the flow of time, using the basic process of metaphor. Or one might speak of broad fields such as history or communication.

In journalism the basic process of description of an event is broken down into what or pattern, when or time, where or location, who or identity and how or process.

It is theorized that four fundamental forces are responsible for all interaction.

Basic Processes