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  • ...the kingdom appears to originate with M. P. Shiel, 1865-1947, an author of fantasy fiction. He claimed that in 1865, his father Matthew Dowdy Shiell, from the M. P. Shiel, an author of works of fantasy fiction, was the first person to ever mention the idea of the "Kingdom of R
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  • | genre =[[Fantasy]] ...ican]] author who wrote several best-selling series of [[high fantasy|epic fantasy]] novels. David Eddings' wife, '''Leigh Eddings''', was uncredited as co-au
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  • Idealist writers such as [[J. M. E. McTaggart]] in ''[[The Unreality of Time]]'' have argued ...onstant|constants]] that describe them. The term was coined in 1895 by the American philosopher and psychologist [[William James]].<ref>James, William, ''The W
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