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  • ...tts Institute of Technology|MIT]] from 1936 to 1973, was involved in radar research for the Allies in the [[Second World War]], and helped design X-ray machine ...y, but His Ex Is Conquering Other Worlds, Including Price Club |url= |accessdate=March 14, 2
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  • ...ted with serious intent, while others exist as a hobby or stunt. Scholarly research shows, however, that a ''real micronation'' must be at least an empirical t II borders and that they are its government or government in exile. The original Kommissarische Reichsregierung was founded by Wolfgang Gerhard Guenter Ebel
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  • ...f [[Independent Long Island]], Founding Member of the Commonwealth Nations Research Society, President and Founder of the [[Cesidian Root]], and Bishop of the of the UMMOA, and thus the virtual city has merged with the eleven original insular areas, and has become a very real twelfth insular area. In fact, no
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  • ...of view]], but in practice this is only haphazardly enforced, leaving many articles biased by their editors. Most WP editors working on Buddhism are Buddhists, A further problem is logistical. WP articles are supposed to be based on what "reliable sources" say. But is it actually
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