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Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia, formerly known as Burma. The name of the country was changed in 1989, and this change of name has been officially recognized by the United Nations. However, some states, such as the United States, do not recognize this change of name, since they do not recognize the military government which instituted it. Today, many people use Myanmar although they disapprove of the military government.


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Early history of Myanmar
Pyu city-states (c. 100 BCE–c. 840 CE)
Mon kingdoms (9th–11th, 13th–16th, 18th c.)
Bagan Dynasty (849–1287, 1st Empire)
Ava (1364–1555)
Pegu (1287–1539, 1747–1757)
Mrauk U (1434–1784)
Taungoo Dynasty (1486–1752, 2nd Empire)
Konbaung Dynasty (1752–1885, 3rd Empire)
British rule in Myanmar (1824–1942, 1945–1948)
Nationalist movement in Myanmar (after 1886)
Japanese occupation of Myanmar (1942–1945)
Democratic period (1948–1962)
1st military rule (1962–1989)
2nd military rule (1989–present)

Country code (Top level domain): MM (formerly BU)

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