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Crestone is a town in the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado. Most of the people who "live in Crestone" live in the Baca Grande, a large land development to the south and west of Crestone on former lands of the Baca Grant.


Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people are welcome in Crestone, run businesses, and hold public office. People with a Jewish background are also well integrated into the community.

The residents of Crestone are, for the most part, white, non-Hispanic. Exclusion of Hispanics, the major minority group in the San Luis Valley, is enforced by restrictions in both the town of Crestone and the Baca Grande on mobile homes, multiple-family housing, and resistance to public housing; rents are somewhat higher than in the neighboring towns of Center and Saguache where substantial numbers of Latinos live. This sort of nimby behavior is common in liberal communities in the United States.[1]

Town of Crestone

Crestone is a statutory town with a town board and a mayor. As of March there was no town manager. Generally, decisions are made by the town clerk. The mayor does not have executive power but chairs the town board and appoints members to the Crestone Planning Commission. There is a Crestone Town Treasurer.

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