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Here you'll find links to sources that you can safely use when writing articles. If you know other reliable sources of information, please add links below.

Conventional signs

  • Coat of arms of the Soviet Union.png — this work was created or published in the Soviet Union, potentially has greater trustworthiness than other sources and is preferable for using.
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg — this work was authored by a Marxist theorist or follower.
  • Red flag waving.png — this work was authored by a non-Marxist (socialist, etc.) writer.
  • Black flag waving.png — this work was authored by an anarchist theorist or follower.
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png — this work was written from a moderate or center-leftist (social democrat, American-liberal, etc.) perspective. Please check for centrist bias.
  • Womanpower logo.svg — this work is written from a feminist standpoint.
  • Sunflower (Green symbol).png — this work is written from a Green Party or environmentalist viewpoint.


Universal encyclopedias

  • Coat of arms of the Soviet Union.png Basics of Marxist-Leninist Theory. English Translation, 1982.
  • Coat of arms of the Soviet Union.png The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 3rd edition in English. Example of article.

Book archives

  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Leninist.Biz.
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Marxists Internet Archive.
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg From Marx to Mao ( marx2mao )
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Marxists.De.
  • Red flag waving.png Third World Traveler, an archive of articles on the U.S. media, foreign policy, etc.
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Socialist History Project Canadian history archived by Ian Angus, author of Canadian Bolsheviks: The Early Years of the Communist Party of Canada, and others


  • Coat of arms of the Soviet Union.png A Dictionary of Scientific Communism. 1984.
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg An A to Z of Marxism. The Socialist Party of Great Britain.
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Encyclopedia of Marxism at Marxists.


  • Coat of arms of the Soviet Union.png History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks). Short Course. 1939.

Partys and party organs

  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Commununist Party USA
    • People's World

Internet News and Information

Some of the websites listed below are from Third World Traveler: "Progressive websites".

  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg World Socialist Web Site
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg La Bataille socialiste
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg In Defence of Marxism
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg International Viewpoint Fourth Internationl, monthly, news, theory.
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg International Socialism
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg KarlMarx
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg League for the Fifth International
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg World Socialist Movement
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Worker's Alternative
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Fight Back
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Radio Cadena Agramonte in English
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Socialist Appeal (USA)
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Socialist Appeal (Britain)
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Systemic Capital Communism 2.0
  • Red flag waving.png Socialist Project
  • Red flag waving.png Solidarity Economy
  • Red flag waving.png Labour Union Digest
  • Red flag waving.png Hands Off Venezuela
  • Red flag waving.png New Left Review
  • Red flag waving.png Socialist Alternative
  • Red flag waving.png Information Clearing House
  • Womanpower logo.svg Women's Media Center
  • Womanpower logo.svg Women's Studies Internet Resources
  • Pambazuka News (Pan African)
  • La Via Campesina
  • Sunflower (Green symbol).png Earth First! Newswire
    • According to Earth First! Newswire, EarthFirst and its affiliated EarthFirstNews are not connected to the Earth First!
  • Black flag waving.png The Binary Freedom News
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Democracy Now
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Real News Network
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png The Huffington Post
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Think Progress
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Global Research
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Truthout News
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png OpEdNews
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Real Story
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Progressive Review
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Alternet
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Dissident Voice
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Truthdig
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png AntiWar
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Common Dreams
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png TomPaine
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Swans Commentary
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Center for Research on Globalization
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Mother Jones
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Consortium News
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Independent Media Center
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Project Censored
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png The Progressive magazine
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png The Nation magazine
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png One World
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Multinational Monitor magazine
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png New Left Project
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Dollars and Sense magazine
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png In These Times magazine
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png The Progressive Populist newspaper
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Left Business Observer
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Toward Freedom magazine
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Pacifica Radio
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Free Speech Internet TV
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Flashpoints
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Center for American Progress
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Institute for America's Future
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Adbusters
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Yes!
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png LinkTV
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png Talking Points Memo

Internet blogs

  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Lenin's Tomb
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg The Marxist-Leninist
  • Left of Black
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Communist Perspective
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg M-L-M Mayhem! Marxist-Leninist-Maoist reflections
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Notes & Commentaries


  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Lalkar online
  • 200px-Karl Marx.jpg Marxism-Leninism Today
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png The Guardian
  • Red Rose (Socialism).png The Independent

News agencies

  • Rebelion (Rebelión)
  • Cuban News Agency
  • Việt Nam News


Economic Data

  • Wage Indicator International data on minimum wages, living wages, collective agreements, labour law....
  • World Bank data Economic, health, environmental, gender, social, developmental, etc. data for most countries.


  • American Communism and Anticommunism by the historian John Earl Haynes

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