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For discussion of computer programming Wp→ issues and problems relating to Communpedia. Articles or templates which present coding problems should be in Category:Coding problems or a subcategory of it.

Template Void

Template:Void has been used on templates in Category:Voided out templates and Category:Voided out. Reasons vary. User:Fred Bauder Talk 20:43, 26 October (MSK)

is an example of the sort of coding difficulty certain navbox template present. User:Fred Bauder Talk 16:39, 8 March (MSK)


Due to a conflict Template:Commonz has been created to substitute for Template:Commons which has a different use. User:Fred Bauder Talk 03:02, 28 October (MSK)

It has been modified from the version used on Wikipedia which has some subtle difficulty. User:Fred Bauder Talk 03:03, 28 October (MSK)


I can probably get this to work with a little effort. User:Fred Bauder Talk 03:02, 28 October (MSK)

I don't think we really need to import all of wikipedia's templates, I mean sometimes it's better just to replace the template or simply remove it from the article, this way I think we'll save a lot of editing time, but well if you think the template is needed and you have the time then it's appreciated —
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xXPowerMexicoXx (Talk) 03:56, 28 October (MSK)
Well, I learned the hard way how to do this. Now I can probably do it in a few hours by importing the necessary templates. It provides a link to a tool that has maps like Google Maps that can zoom in on something. Sometimes when a location is not obvious it can be very useful. For example, the location of Rasŏn, Rason Wp→. User:Fred Bauder Talk 05:15, 28 October (MSK)

Template:Expand section

I have reversed the colors on Template:Expand section. For some reason light print on a dark background is unreadable to me. However, I think notices either in blue-yellow or red-green pose problems in readability for those who are color blind. User:Fred Bauder Talk 18:42, 3 November (MSK)


What should we do? —
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xXPowerMexicoXx (Talk) 19:02, 11 December (MSK)
Strike a balance between accessibility and our willingness to control and prevent disruption. These spambots have nothing to do with our purpose. They would be on a wiki about dog food. User:Fred Bauder Talk 21:02, 11 December (MSK)
It is possible to restrict editing to "autoconfirmed editors" accounts 5 days old and that have made 10 edits. However, that might be confusing to new editors. Another possibility is to upgrade the software. The current version limits editing to editors who have confirmed their email address. Emailing new spam users and asking them to reply before the 5 days are up pretty much finishes them off. If a new user is legitimate they can be manually confirmed and can start editing. User:Fred Bauder Talk 00:54, 26 December (MSK)


I think we should keep an online mirror of our site, I'll try to find out how to get it to auto-update. Also we should keep a mirror of the site on a CD. —
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xXPowerMexicoXx (Talk) 19:02, 11 December (MSK)
Yes, this last blockage scared me. User:Fred Bauder Talk 20:59, 11 December (MSK)
We could use the old Wikia site. User:Fred Bauder Talk 21:00, 11 December (MSK)
I don't think that would be appropiate, as there was a long battle between Communpedia sysops and wikia a few months ago. What they don't know is that I returned to the wiki recently to leave links to our new domain all over the most used templates. So maybe any new activity could be suspicious. We could use another wiki farm, though. We just need to either get it to update automatically, or periodically update it manually. --—
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xXPowerMexicoXx (Talk) 06:55, 12 December (MSK)
I strongly agree we should have a mirror. Even if only so people who do a lot of work on an article can put it there manually. Some places I know of that might host a mirror:
They offer various kinds of social networking. Appear to be leftist-oriented. They give you a wiki, but it doesn't use the wikimedia engine: it has a different markup language. Also I found the wiki to be seriously buggy. BUT, they say you can upload your own wiki software -- eg., mediawiki -- to their server and run that. I tried their wiki a few years ago; I emailed them about the bugs; they responded quickly, said they were aware of the bugs, but didn't have time to fix them at that point. I like these folks' orientation but there's maybe some question whether they can maintain the commitment to keep their site running well in the long term. Maybe they can; we'd have to find out.
(in Spanish), which has something to do with . They host numerous groups, many alternative/political. Its easy to set yourself up as a "group" there; that gives you a blog and various other things including a non-mediawiki wiki. To do what we want to do, I think we'd have to make special arrangements with them. They used to host (European Occupy), although I think takethesquare might be using a different server now. -- Tribal, Sept.


Older userbox templates have been modified to use Template:Userbox1 rather than Template:Userbox. Template:Userbox is imported from Wikipedia and is necessary to make userboxes imported from Wikipedia work. User:Fred Bauder Talk 00:57, 26 December (MSK)

You can still use {{Userbox1}} to create your own (simple) userboxes. —
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xXPowerMexicoXx (Talk) 01:10, 26 December (MSK)

A database problem

User:Fred Bauder Talk 18:53, 20 January (MSK)


I think the problems with Template:Socialism may be a stylesheet problem, but not sure. Different Template:Navboxs seem to make no difference. User:Fred Bauder Talk 04:11, 6 April (MSK)

Invalid language code.

Missing language codes can be added by following up redlinks at Template:ISO 639 name/doc User:Fred Bauder Talk 20:41, 7 March (MSK)

Infobox philosopher

A huge blank space is added before this template whenever "influences" and "influenced" parameters are used. This is because of a problem with Template:Collapsible_list, which is used in this infobox. —
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xXPowerMexicoXx (Talk) 20:25, 27 March (GMT)

svg files

Please change permissions to permit uploading of svg files; now an error message of "".svg" is not a permitted file type. Permitted file types are png, gif, jpg, jpeg." which cannot be over-ridden. User:Fred Bauder Talk 18:24, 3 April (GMT)

Extension:SyntaxHighlight GeSHi

Not vital but Extension:SyntaxHighlight GeSHi would be nice. User:Fred Bauder Talk 12:58, 9 April (GMT)

Database fail

Running update.php may clear up the search fail messages we are receiving. Possibly you updated the software? Running update.php may help even if you didn't. User:Fred Bauder Talk 11:41, 11 September (GMT)

"Internal error"

This is a bug report.

To begin with, I'll transfer the conversation I started a few days ago at Communpedia talk:People's Congress to this location, which I think is the proper one. (I was in a hurry before.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Bug report

This may not be the place for it, but starting a few minutes ago, I've been getting a lot of "Internal error" messages. Tribal 01:03, 25 September (GMT)

  • I get this: every time i submit an edit to Commodity. I also got it when I tried to access one other page, but usually I can still access pages successfully. -- Tribal
I suspect running update.php would help... User:Fred Bauder Talk 02:22, 25 September (GMT)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(End of copied material.)

The problem is now worse. For example, I can not access the main page. I'd say I get blocked from viewing about a quarter of the pages I try to view. I have tried accessing from two different computers and two different browsers, but same modem. Problem persists. If other people are having this problem, it is seriously damaging the prestige and usefullness of this site.

The text of the error message that I get is:

Internal error

From Communpedia

Set $wgShowExceptionDetails = true; at the bottom of LocalSettings.php to show detailed debugging information.

I believe I can not run update.php myself. Is that right? Also, at mediawiki, says we should back up the database before running update.php. This page: also has information. -- Tribal 15:11, 30 September (GMT)

I get the same error sometimes, this needs to be solved by a system administrator, I will try to contact them in ru: wiki. —
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xXPowerMexicoXx (Talk) 23:17, 30 September (GMT)
I didn't get the problem today. Thankyou xXPowerMexicoXx. Also thankyou to administrators at Tribal 01:29, 3 October (GMT)

Loss of images

We are no longer using instant commons images. I have left a note on User:Fred Bauder Talk 12:12, 2 October (GMT)

What's this?

I am quite opposed to the cat photos quiz that comes up now when one tries to add external links. I find it tasteless and annoying, in addition to being a nuisance. I know we have a problem with fake user accounts being created, but, as far as I know, we don't have a big problem with spurious external links being added to pages. So the new measure against external links seems unnecessary. Sorry to be a grouch, but I think this was a mistake. Comments welcome. Tribal (talk) 20:25, 30 October (UTC)