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I can be reached by email at fredbaud at fairpoint. I have been an active editor on Wikipedia since but decided that substantial improvements could be made and started Wikinfo. I hope others will also find a separate project worthwhile. I continue to edit Wikipedia and have some administrative responsibilities. I will insist that Wikinfo's founding principles be followed, but, in general, editors are free to contribute to policy discussions.

I have an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Colorado, earned in the days when behaviorism advocates were in control of instruction, with a minor in sociology. Probably my most vivid undergraduate experience was a brief introduction to sociology of knowledge. My legal education was at night school at the University of Denver. I have read widely in almost every imaginable area of interest and continue those wide ranging interests here.

Further reading

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Further listening

Crestone Free Radio (Available only to US residents)

Genealogy for stray Bauders

Some members of my family are interested in genealogy and extensive research has been done. If you are related to the Bauders of Burlington, Colorado, the Bauders who lived for a time in Hoffnungstal near Odessa or if your family of Bauders originated in Pfullingen near Reutlingen this information may be of interest, see Bauderhistory or