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This is the Help page. Click Help in the navigation box to the left to get to this page. Links lead from here to help with searching articles, references, navigation, questions (FAQ), registration, editing and so forth. Editors and potential editors will find this page acts as a dependable central location. We would have Wikinfo be a pleasant reading and editing environment to be enjoyed by all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction | Community

Tutorial | Editing | Cheatsheet

Browsing and searching
Navigation | Site operation

Links and references
Making links | External links | Citing sources

The Wikinfo community
FAQ | Adopt-a-User | the Help Desk

Images and media
Uploading | Formatting images| copyrights | Other media

Community Communications
the village pump | Talk pages | email

Keeping track of changes
Page history | User contributions | Vandalism

Account settings
change search preferences | change signature

Policies and guidelines
The Five Pillars | Manual of Style

Wikinfo's Help library
stub articles | attention needed | Templates

Technical information
Tools | The MediaWiki software

Where to ask questions
Help Desk - for questions on how to use Wikinfo
Reference Desk - for general knowledge questions

View these menus as an orderly List.

See also: Department directory and Quick directory.

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Adapted from the Wikipedia page "Help:Contents" March 20,