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There is no doubt that certain capitalist agencies have ways to intercept messages and e-mails passing between comrades on various computers around the world. That is their job. It has always been the same. In the old days 'spies' were sent to Soviet republics with the sole purpose of gathering information. In today's world of cyber electronics, the computers do their work for them.

Use of open proxies or Tor is acceptable on Communpedia. A great deal of advertising spam and creation of phony accounts are associated with open proxies and we frequently block them, as we would a Tor account that engages in vandalism or spam, but we are willing to work with legitimate editors. All it takes in a note on your user talk page. Tor appears to be the safest; skilled investigators can identify someone using most open proxies. Connect to the Tor (The Onion Router) network using the Tor software client[1] which routes Internet traffic through a worldwide volunteer network of servers in order to conceal a user's location or Internet usage. Whether any of the programs offered by CNET when you search for Mask My IP are secure is unknown. For serious security concerns it should be assumed that your government has complete access to any information your internet provider has, an archive of all internet traffic, and can decode most encryption schemes because they have been given the key by the software provider. That said, why would they bother? or focus on you? That depends on both what you are doing and what paranoid states think you are doing. No one living in Saudi Arabia, which closely monitors all internet traffic, should imagine that even casual interest in socialism is a safe activity.