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For discussing Communpedia's policies, logo, skin and related subjects, please visit the People's Congress.

Following articles need to be moved from Wikipedia to Communpedia:

  • Resources about to be deleted. Please don't move all, but discriminate to move only articles which are being censored. Be careful not to copy hoaxes and spam. Make sure the articles meet Communpedia's policies. Please tag the article using either {{WP NOM|<Wikipedia name>}}, {{WP DEL|<Wikipedia name>}}, {{WP EXNOM|<Wikipedia name>}} or {{WP|<Wikipedia name>}}. Note that if Wikipedia name and Communpedia name are both the same, the parameter may be omitted.
    • Articles from Votes for Deletion. Useful link: Wikipedia discussions on the deletion of articles related to Politics.
    • Articles with Original research.

Following articles may be copied from most other wikis: