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Communist Party of Cuba
Partido Comunista de Cuba
First Secretary Raúl Castro
Second Secretary José Ramón Machado
Founded October 3,
Headquarters Havana, Cuba
Newspaper Granma
Youth wing Young Communist League
Membership 820,000
Ideology Communism,
International affiliation Foro de São Paulo
Official colors Red

The Communist Party of Cuba, or Partido Comunista de Cuba in Spanish, is a communist party in Cuba. It's the ruling party in Cuba. It was formed in after the 26th of July Movement (M-26-7), the Popular Socialist Party (PSP) and the El Directorio Revolucionario (DR) merged. The PSP was founded already in the 1920s, and the M-26-7 and the DR was militant organizations under the Cuban Revolution.

The leader of the party is currently Raul Castro, the president of Cuba. The most known leader of the party was Fidel Castro. He served as the leader of the party in the period 1965-2011, and was the president of Cuba in the period 1976-2008. Raul is Fidel's little brother.

Some of the party leaders have identified themselves as anti-Stalinists and Trotskyist-supporters.[1]

The current communist party is often considered to have been inspired by the former Partido Ortodoxo, a reformist party that existed in the period 1947-1952 led by Eduardo Chibas. Fidel Castro was among the founders of Ortodoxo. The party was banned after Fulgencio Batista's military coup in 1952.

Capitalists have often considered that the Communist Party of Cuba is the only political party in Cuba, but that's not true (see list of political parties in Cuba). Cuba has a lot of political parties, but the PCC is the largest of them. The second largest is the Christian Democratic Party of Cuba.

820,000 people are members of the party (one of 14 of the population), making it one of the largest parties after per capita in the world.


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