List of political parties in Cuba

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Though Cuba is often considered a "single party state", in reality there are several parties following various ideologies.

All the people in the National Assembly of People's Power, the parliament of Cuba, are legally elected in democratic elections.

Current legal parties

Defunct parties

Some old parties have disbanded or have been banned by the Cuban government because of its earlier history.

Electoral process

Since 1976, parliamentary elections are most often held every 5th year. The last time was January 20, 2008.

In the elections, individuals are elected to the National Assembly. Many candidates are partipating in these elections. Most of them are either from the Cuban Communist Party or is not member of any party, but some are from the opposition parties too.

Cuba also features local elections, where the chairman of that municipality is elected. Though local leaders and members of the national assembly are elected by the whole election, the Cuban president can't be elected by the whole population, but is chosen by the elected representatives in the National Assembly of People's Power. That means that the president is, in practice, also elected. [1]

The Christian Democratic Party of Cuba is the second greatest party after the currently ruling Communist Party.


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