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Islamophobic propaganda.

Islamophobia is the irrational fear and hatred of all Muslims,[1] which is not the same thing as criticism of Islam. Islamophobia is widely viewed as a "divide-and-conquer" means of dividing the working class through religion, similar to other forms of bigotry such as racism, national chauvinism, and anti-Semitism.

Islamophobia in the United States—and the West in general—is increasing because of terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic extremists. However, it is known that the U.S. government has occasionally made false accusations of Islam-related terrorism. Also, the Western media has tried to either deny or condone terrorist attacks carried out by Zionist extremists.[2]

Islamophobia and anti-semitism

In Britain, Pat Condell, an atheist writer, stated his fear that Britain—and Europe as a whole—is "becoming Islamic".[3][4][5] Even though studies show that only 5.0% of British people are Muslim and 0.1% of all Muslims are British.[6]

The British National Party is Islamophobic as well.[7][8][5] The party has also been accused of being anti-semitic.[8]

What Islamophobia has caused

Islamophobia, as a form of religious discrimination, has caused people to develop hate or fear toward adherents of Islam. In August 25, a man asked a cab driver, named Ahmed Sharif, if he was a Muslim. He was stabbed when he answered yes.[9][10]

A Muslim interfaith community center was being built near Ground Zero and people wanted it gone.[9] Not noting that it is not a mosque, and so opposition to its construction violates religious freedom.[11]

There were Muslim victims of 9/11,[12][13] something islamophobic Americans ignore, and also most Muslims oppose any kind of terrorism.[14][15]

Islamophobia and Criticism of Religion

Marx accurately referred to religion as "the opiate of the masses." Religion is a tool of social control used by the prevailing elite to prevent revolution, and this applies to much Islamic ideology also. Some Islamic socialists may argue, however, that as Islam was founded as a means of forcibly taking property from those hording it, it is compatible with revolution. Furthermore, Islam has a concept of "jizaya", the notion of forcing non-believers to pay a protection tax, similar to Obama's National Healthcare Bill. This may be seen as compatible with Marxist theories of raising taxes on the rich. Ultimately if everyone paid taxes, everyone would get equal treatment and equal benefit. Islam has been a powerful force in resisting American imperialism throughout the Middle-East. By trying to persecute Islam, Capitalists are merely acknowledging the threat it poses to their interests which is why Islamophobia should be exposed and defeated.

Criticism of Islamic teachings, in particular some of its homophobic, anti-Semitic and sexist aspects, should not be construed as 'Islamophobia'. Dislike for religion itself is not the same thing as irrational hatred of its adherents.


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